Our Weekly Programs

Open Hearts Meal

Every week, our ministry serves members of the NSU Community a homemade lunch on Wednesday afternoons from 11am to 2pm. The funding for this program comes from our budget, but is currently being sustained and supplemented by private donations, partners-in-ministry, fundraising from our Wesley Leadership Team, and generous donations from local churches in our district.

Pastor Shana creates an atmosphere where anyone can walk through our open doors, take a few hours to get away from the chaos of college life, and enjoy a hot meal made from fresh ingredients and Christ’s love.

Table Talk Small Group

On Wednesday nights at 8:00pm, students gather around the round table to discuss how they see God in the world through a different lens each week. We have covered topics such as ‘Feminism and the Bible’, ‘Appreciating the Little Things’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and ‘How Not o Conform to The World’.

Table Talk is our largest discipleship program, and we invite you to have a seat and share with us your experiences. Together, we hope that this opportunity to discuss issues in a judgement-free zone allows us to grow together.

Sanctuary: Wesley Worship

Our technologically-integrated Worship event occurs on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Our Wesley Worship Band begins the service by playing music from yesterday and today. Secondly, either Pastor Shana or resident theological student Cody Robinson will deliver a homily focused on the Gospel. Finally, our Wesley Worship Band plays a prelude song and the Table is prepared for anyone to accept the Eucharist. We hope you join us!



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